The Real Work: Essential Sleight of Hand for Street Operators

By: Price, Paul

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After becoming bored with creating illusions at children's birthday parties, Paul Price witnessed a game of Three Card Monte on the wharves of San Francisco. The following weekend, armed with his magician's knowledge of sleight of hand, our author threw away his magician's cloak and went to work on the streets. His first day at his new profession netted him $200 in three hours. In The Real Work, Paul Price shows you how to run various street scams, such as Three Card Monte, the Three Shell game, and other rip-offs. He shows you how to do it, and tells you how to get safely away with your ill-gotten gains. As the author reveals: Sleight of hand is more than just hiding objects from plain view. It involves concealing the truth and controlling perception. A good sleight-of-hand artist manipulates the minds of his spectators as well as the physical objects that come into contact with his hands.

This book presents two ways of running cons: One, play on the sucker's belief that he can get something for nothing, and two, use the victim's emotions and perception against him -- tug on his heart strings, exploit his conditioning. Remember that deep down, most people want to be tricked. Show them a rainbow, and they'll look for the gold. Your manipulations create rainbows, their ignorance does the rest. After reading The Real Work, you will no longer be among the mindless mass of followers. You will have the power to profit from the public's simple-mindedness. Use it wisely. Sold for informational and entertainment purposes only.

Title: The Real Work: Essential Sleight of Hand for Street Operators

Author Name: Price, Paul

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Publisher: Loompanics Unltd: 2001

ISBN Number: 1559502150

ISBN Number 13: 9781559502153


Book Condition: New

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