The Right to Be Greedy: Theses on the Practical Necessity of Demanding Everything

By: For Ourselves - Council for Generalized Self-Management

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Most libertarians think of themselves as in some sense egoists. If they believe in rights, they believe these rights belong to them as individuals. If not, they nonetheless look to themselves and others as so many individuals possessed of power to be reckoned with. Either way, they assume that the opposite of egoism is altruism. The altruists, Christian or Maoist, agree. A cozy accommodation; and, I submit, a suspicious one. What if this antagonistic interdependence, this reciprocal reliance reflects and conceals an accord? Could egoism be altruism's loyal opposition? Yes, according to the authors of this text. What's more, they insist that an egoism which knows itself and refuses every limit to its own realization is communism. Brand New; satisfaction guaranteed. Sticker residue on covers. Trade paperback binding. Earthlight Books is a family owned and operated, independent bookstore serving Walla Walla, Washington since 1973.

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From the far reaches of the human mind, come these tales of unrestrained, anti-authoritarianism. No government, no leaders, no authority, no rules, and complete freedom of action Egoism, solipsism, anarchism, and other heresies -- now revealed to corrupt your mind

"...offers a plethora of examples, all pointing towards the proof of the statement implicit in its title". -- Bulletin of Anarchist Research

A communist defense of pure greed? Out of the Situationist movement of the 1970s comes a challenging attempt to reconcile Marxist communism with capitalist egoism. The authors propose that selfishness is the highest form of communism, that all morality is a form of self-sacrifice, that the true egoist transcends petty materialism for a more rewarding form of self-fulfillment. One of the most challenging books you will ever read.

Title: The Right to Be Greedy: Theses on the Practical Necessity of Demanding Everything

Author Name: For Ourselves - Council for Generalized Self-Management

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Publisher: Loompanics Unltd: 1983-06-01

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Binding: Paperback

Book Condition: New

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